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Are you planning a wedding at the Jersey Shore. For more information, rules and regulations about getting married at the Jersey Shore, check out our handy Getting Married Guide (links to Applying for NJ License page below)

Applying for a NJ Wedding license:

Who has to apply for the marriage license?
In the state of New Jersey, the Couple getting married and one Witness who has known each of you for at least one year must be present to apply for a marriage license. On Monday Oct. 21, 2013 New Jersey became the 14th state to recognize Same Sex marriage, same regulations apply, see below.

If the either the Bride or Groom is under the age of 18, their parents must give consent

What do you need to apply for a Marriage License?
A blood test is NOT required in the state of New Jersey
The cost for a marriage license is currently $28, call ahead to confirm payment options
The Couple getting married and 1 Witness must each bring two forms of government issued identification (at least one of them must be a photo ID)

If either of them were married before they must bring an annulment order; death certificate; or a copy of their divorce decree

When do you need to apply?
There is a 72 hour waiting period required between application and issuance; once the license is issued it is valid for 30 days (Military waivers are available)

Where do you need to apply?
If the Bride resides in the state of New Jersey, the application is made in her town of residence
If the Bride does not live in the state of New Jersey, but, the Groom does, the application is made in his town of residence
If neither one is a permanent resident in New Jersey, the application is made in the municipality where the ceremony will be performed.

Once you have determined the municipality where you need to apply, contact the Town Clerk; Borough Clerk or Registrar of Vital Statistics of that town for their exact location and to schedule an appointment
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